Ambitious young people…

Kazoza was founded by a group of ambitious young Burundians living in Canada seeking to implement sustainable development opportunities in their country of origin, Burundi. Together, they strive to share their knowledge, skills and expertise to form the building blocks for a strong and developed Burundi. In addition to this main goal, Kazoza also seeks to facilitate the integration of Burundians in Canadian society by promoting information sharing.

How it all started…

The saying "Out of discussion springs forth the light" holds great meaning for Kazoza. In June 2009, young Burundians living in Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City held a round table discussion on the future of Burundi. At this meeting, they discussed and debated the various obstacles to development as well as the meaningful role they can play in alleviating some of these impediments. Quickly, it became clear that these young people shared a commitment to bring forward sustainable solutions to the challenges facing Burundi.
Step by step, they defined their objectives and created an action plan. This led to the creation of Kazoza on July 5, 2010, a non-profit organization, incorporated in the province of Quebec (pursuant to Part III of the Companies Act).


Kazoza enjoys a mosaic of experience brought by more than 40 motivated and passionate members. In addition, Kazoza benefits from the valuable guidance of Prime Nyamoya, eminent Professor in Economics and former CEO of the Commercial Bank of Bujumbura (Banque Commerciale de Bujumbura – BCB). Kazoza continues to build a network of experts and professionals while fostering partnerships in Canada, Burundi and elsewhere. Currently, Kazoza activities and programs are funded essentially through membership contributions as well as fundraising activities.

The management structure…

The daily management duties of the organization are conducted by an Executive Board made up of 4 members elected by the active membership. Members also elect 2 auditors in charge of auditing the financial activities of the organization. The actual auditors are Steffi Barandereka and Pamela Sigejeje. In addition, Kazoza actively promotes participation and engagement of all members.
The current Executive Board is made up of the following 4 members :


Born in 1982, Florian Bizindavyi has lived in Canada since 2000. He completed his high school education in Toronto before pursuing his post-secondary education at the University of Ottawa where he successfully completed his undergraduate degree in Business Administration with specialisation in Finance in 2006.

Since then, he has occupied various positions within the Federal Government, namely Program Officer, Financial Officer and currently Program Manager in the Financial Guarantee Programs Division at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

Florian was elected President of Kazoza in August 2010.


Born in 1980, Christophe Cubahiro has lived in Canada since 1995. He completed his Post-Secondary education in 2004 in Arts and Science at the Cité Collégiale in Ottawa. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate education in International Relations at the University of Quebec in Montréal.

His work experience includes Marketing and Sales Representative for Air France as well as for Insurance Company. He is currently working as a Sales Data Analyst for a Telecommunication company.

Christophe was elected General Secretary of Kazoza in August 2010.


Born in 1983, Amilcar Ryumeko has lived in Canada since 2001. He completed his high school education in 2004 in Montreal before pursuing his post-secondary education in Political Science with specialisation in International Relations at the University of Sherbrooke where he successfully completed his undergraduate degree in 2007. He is currently pursuing his graduate degree in Public Administration at the National Public Administration School (ENAP) in Montreal.

Upon completion of his graduate education, Amilcar worked as political advisor to the Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier of Quebec in charge of Economic issues. Currently, he works as an Advisor on social and community development at the Société d’habitation du Québec within the Quebec Provincial Government.

Amilcar was elected financial officer in August 2010.


Born in 1986, Nancy-Gaëlle Fasoni Kambere has lived in Canada since 1999. In 2007, she completed her College education in Social Sciences in Montreal. She is currently pursuing her undergraduate education in Business Administration with specialisation in Human Resources and industrial relations at the University of Quebec in Outaouais.

In Montreal, she acquired experience in sales and customer service through employment at various organizations such as Le journal la Presse and CDS-Shopping TVA. In the national capital region, she occupied various administrative positions as a student at the Heritage Canada Department and as a Program Officer in the Labour Market and Social Development Programs Branch at Service Canada.

Nancy-Gaëlle was appointed communication officer in September 2011 in replacement of the former communication officer and pursuant to the Governing Statutes of KAZOZA.